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Making an evening of Church Square

I’ve lived in Goa for over a year now. And yet, I’ve never walked past the main Panjim Church. So last Sunday, I thought I’ll make an evening of it. Here’s how I did it.

I parked and walked towards the Church.

I changed lenses on the stairs and snuck in a photo of Reva.

Then I clicked a frame of the whole church. But I didn’t like it. So I deleted it and took one from slightly higher up.

I reached the top

And turned around to see the sun quickly disappearing.

Then I said goodbye to the weekend.


Bumming around

What do you do when you have no plans on a Sunday afternoon?

Pull out a pair of shorts, slip on flip flops and just bum around with the wife.

Slow shutter mania

When you drive past Miramar at 715 in the evening, you can’t help stopping the car, getting out and shooting a couple of slow shutter frames.

What you’ll need: A wide angle lens, a tripod and 20 mins to pick a vantage spot 😀

Going to church

This Sunday we went to church. Just so we could take a couple of pictures. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount is somewhere in Old Goa and offers a superb view of the Mandovi river. Don’t miss it. This is how you get there.