A to C

4 years ago, I was prodded by my father to buy myself a two-wheeler that would get me from A to B in the safest way possible. His definition of a safe was anything that had a cubic capacity of 50 or less. I was just out of college—young, stupid and wannabe stud muffinnish. Was I going to risk being seen, trotting around in a moped? By girls? By anyone?

Much to his dislike, I showed up at home with a ear to ear grin and a shiny 180 cc Bajaj Pulsar—a bike I’d one day push to 111 on an open road without a helmet.

Today, it’s time to say goodbye. Because the same stupid wannabe stud mufinnish me, wants something bigger, heavier, shinier and most importantly something that gets me from A to ‘C’ without having to dismount with an aching need to massage my bottom! Hello Thunderbird!

4 thoughts on “A to C

  1. Congragulations 🙂 A bullet is an awesome bike to own… Make sure ur pillion rider carries a cushion for long journeys though. 🙂

  2. Your work is wonderful. There is something very childlike and spontaneous in your pictures, in spite of them being technically very well done. It would be great to see you post your work more often.

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