Same place. Different times.






1 in 60

60 minutes and 60 frames later, I decided that I was happy with only one. Ok two, if you count the colour variations.




Chugh chugh on the dug dug

I was sitting at my desk on a Saturday evening mixed with feelings of immense frustration, an unproductive frame of mind and cravings of taking a long networkless, laptopless and TVless break. After 5 hard-working and densely  productive days (for me), I yet again managed to effortlessly bring myself to work to tick off some pending administrative tasks from my todo list. This I hoped would save me from inescapable long days the following week. This was my routine for 5 years.

As I sat back and looked at the screen, with all hope lost of making it a productive 6th day, having multiple ‘windows’ of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and thankfully, some consolation—Safari from Apple, I opened Google Maps and planned a 450 KM bike ride to Hampi.

Bye bye birdy

Bumming around

What do you do when you have no plans on a Sunday afternoon?

Pull out a pair of shorts, slip on flip flops and just bum around with the wife.

Going to church

This Sunday we went to church. Just so we could take a couple of pictures. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount is somewhere in Old Goa and offers a superb view of the Mandovi river. Don’t miss it. This is how you get there.

The best fluffy cheese omelet I’ve made

Isn’t she insanely pretty?

HDR and Pano experiment

The result aint that bad eh?

Suit up!

Here’s wishing MT a a lifetime of happiness 😀