The captain’s lightning

After 6 long months, i finally decided that i'd waited long enough. It was time to hit the beach again. It was time to dig my toes 
into the sand. It was time to finally enjoy the summer. 

We drove past traffic, struggled for parking and finally got to Captain's Cabin. 

And then this happened. 

A lifetime has only 3900 weekends

Did you know that? Every weekend spent doing nothing leaves me empty on Sunday evening. This is something I realised two weeks ago. I was sitting at home trying to decide where to go and what to do. As usual, i called up a couple of people, thinking it would be fun to drive out with a bunch of them.

Turns out, no one really realised that we have only 3900 weekends in a lifetime. They they chose to sleep in. We chose to get out. Just the two of us.

We decided to go to Chapora Fort. Yes, it’s awesome. You can sit on the parapet wall and stare into nothingness. Or look at an awesome sunset. Either way, happiness is guaranteed.