Double date

Today the wife and I went on a double date. Her, me and two coronas! Aaahhh

iPhone capture

Chugh chugh on the dug dug

I was sitting at my desk on a Saturday evening mixed with feelings of immense frustration, an unproductive frame of mind and cravings of taking a long networkless, laptopless and TVless break. After 5 hard-working and densely  productive days (for me), I yet again managed to effortlessly bring myself to work to tick off some pending administrative tasks from my todo list. This I hoped would save me from inescapable long days the following week. This was my routine for 5 years.

As I sat back and looked at the screen, with all hope lost of making it a productive 6th day, having multiple ‘windows’ of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and thankfully, some consolation—Safari from Apple, I opened Google Maps and planned a 450 KM bike ride to Hampi.

A to C

4 years ago, I was prodded by my father to buy myself a two-wheeler that would get me from A to B in the safest way possible. His definition of a safe was anything that had a cubic capacity of 50 or less. I was just out of college—young, stupid and wannabe stud muffinnish. Was I going to risk being seen, trotting around in a moped? By girls? By anyone?

Much to his dislike, I showed up at home with a ear to ear grin and a shiny 180 cc Bajaj Pulsar—a bike I’d one day push to 111 on an open road without a helmet.

Today, it’s time to say goodbye. Because the same stupid wannabe stud mufinnish me, wants something bigger, heavier, shinier and most importantly something that gets me from A to ‘C’ without having to dismount with an aching need to massage my bottom! Hello Thunderbird!

The world’s second best dosa

1. Navigate to Malleswaram in Bangalore.
2. Stick your head out of the car and ask one of many street hawkers "CTR yelli?"
3. Rush in and grab yourself a seat.
4. Then tell the waiter "Nanage mur benne masala dosa beku".
5. And if you're all about the taste like I am, add "swalpa extra benne haku".
6. Then drool at the neighbour's dosa until yours reaches the table.  

Making an evening of Church Square

I’ve lived in Goa for over a year now. And yet, I’ve never walked past the main Panjim Church. So last Sunday, I thought I’ll make an evening of it. Here’s how I did it.

I parked and walked towards the Church.

I changed lenses on the stairs and snuck in a photo of Reva.

Then I clicked a frame of the whole church. But I didn’t like it. So I deleted it and took one from slightly higher up.

I reached the top

And turned around to see the sun quickly disappearing.

Then I said goodbye to the weekend.

The captain’s lightning

After 6 long months, i finally decided that i'd waited long enough. It was time to hit the beach again. It was time to dig my toes 
into the sand. It was time to finally enjoy the summer. 

We drove past traffic, struggled for parking and finally got to Captain's Cabin. 

And then this happened.